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To-do List

Add Quick Reference Tables with simple lists.

1-80 Crafting/Gathering Leveling Guide

Add FATEs Maps section with toggle options options for Special FATEs, Zodiac Relic Book FATEs, and standard FATEs.


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Change Log

12/Sept/2020 G3 Diadem Map update. Information for mod drops added. Only level 80 drop table included. 10 and 60 drop tables will be added later.
11/Sept/2020 G3 Diadem Map update. Now has information for mining/botany timed nodes and breakpoints.
10/Sept/2020 Grade 3 Diadem Map work in progress added. Artisanal fish are included.
20/Aug/2020 Sea of Jade 2 added to Workshop section. Unlock for Sea of Ash corrected, was "Sunken Temple", now "Sunken Vault".
15/Aug/2020/B Tangaroa's Prow added to Workshop section.
15/Aug/2020/A Rogo-Tumu-Here's Haunt, The Stone Barbs, and Rogo-Tumu-Here's Repose added to the Workshop section.
13/Aug/2020 The Kraken's Tomb and Sea of Jade 1 added to the Workshop section.
11/Aug/2020 Sea of Jade Nautical Map and The Isle of Sacrament added to the Workshop section.
10/Aug/2020 Treasure Maps updated to include images for G12/Zonureskin maps. Toggles for corresponded maps are updated.
29/Jul/2020 Extra map page added for Forgiven Rebellion and Gossips. It can be accessed in the Hunt Map page then selecting the Shadowbringers/5.0 dropdown.
28/Jul/2020 Treasure Map section formally added. Old Zonureskin map page is still available for those that prefer it; moved to a dropdown item under Shadowbringers in the Treasure Maps page. ARR Treasure Maps do not have a toggle, those are still a work in progress.
17/Jun/2020 Hunt Map controls updated. If you experience any issues with the Hunt Maps, please clear your cache for this website or right click the hunt map and select "Reload Frame". If the issue persists, please contact me via the contact section above.
27/Mar/2020 Blue Mage, Workshop, and Diadem Map sections added.
5/Jan/2020 Treasure Maps section added. Only Timeworn Zonureskin Maps are included for now. Other map types will be added later. Topnav changed to use dropdowns.
31/Dec/2019/B Hunt Maps controls updated.
31/Dec/2019/A Requested Hunt Routes section added. Contact information added on home page.
20/Dec/2019 Hunt Marks page updated. Full site centered.
1/Dec/2019 Missing spawn point for Lower La Noscea added at 20x,32y.
4/Aug/2019 TopNav replaced. Minor updates.
1/Aug/2019 Retah Gaming banner replaced by home menu button. Hunt Marks section updated with information for Tyger, Forgiven Pedantry, and Tarchia. Spawn points for Tyger, Forgiven Pedantry, and Tarchia added, but not finallized.
17/Jul/2019 Hunt Marks section updated to include information on all available 5.0 marks. S Rank spawn conditions are now separated from the hunter scholar descriptions.
16/Jul/2019 Full Maps for 5.0 zones added. Zones which have hunt marks not yet implimented are missing such marks.
1/Jul/2019 Hunt Maps for 5.0 zones are in the works. See Hunt Maps section for more details.
23/Apr/2019 Complete Hunt Marks and Hunt Macros sections.
17/Apr/2019 Fix: Corrected the info overlay for Middle La Noscea. The S Rank Spawn condition stated both incorrect time and slot number for Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil and will now display the correct information.
11/Apr/2019 Completed: Add toogleable Info option to all FFXIV Hunt Maps.