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Retah's review of an Ibuypower PC in 2021

Placing the Order

When creating the order, it's quite easy to use Ibuypower's Easy Builder to build a PC around a game or budget.  But, if you are picky like me, you can also go to Gaming PCs, choose a pre-built rig, and customize!  There are many customization options, though only a select few brands work with Ibuypower.  For example, I couldn't choose the case I wanted as it was with a different brand, but they did have one I liked on my backup list so it worked out.  The tool said to expect 6 weeks wait time for the graphics card, but the order arrived one month later.  Considering the difficulty of acquiring graphics cards right now, waiting only one month was quite a surprise.  In total, the build cost roughly $2900 after tax and such.  I could have easily built this for cheaper in a DIY situation, but with part availability being how it is that wasn't an option.  Overall, at the time of ordering (March 2021), the cost was acceptable.  Aside the PC parts, I also ordered a few accessories, such as the cheap Ibuypower branded mouse and keyboard.

The parts I selected are...
CPU: AMD - Ryzen 9 5900x
Motherboard: AMD - MSI x570 Gaming Edge Wifi
CPU Cooler: Ibuypower White 240mm AIO
Ram: cheapest option, some random 8gb stick (I didn't use it.  Note below!)
Graphics Card: Nvidia - MSI Gaming X Trio GeForce RTX 3080
Power Supply: High Power 80+ Gold 750w
Storage: Western Digital Blue sn550 (500 gigabyte M.2 Drive)
Case: bequiet Pure Base 500DX White

Other Parts I added after rebuilding the PC at home...
Additional Case Fan (reason below)
Additional storage
Motherboard Adapter for front USB-C port (reason below)

Note: I used ram I had on hand to save cost.  Corsair Vengeance 8gb 3000mhz

Unboxing and Inspection

The PC arrived roughly one month after ordering, and I immediately set forth to unboxing and inspecting the goods.  I choose the option to have extra packaging inside the system to keep the graphics card in place to prevent damage to either it or other components.  Once the PC was unboxed, I removed the 8 gigabyte stick that came with it and replaced it with a 32 gigabyte kit (4x8) I had on hand.  I also added the storage drive that contains my steam library.

First Impressions: Things I liked...
1. First boot was smooth
2. XMP was already enabled
3. Cable management was not bad
4. PC looked nice

First Impressions: Things I did not like...
1. The radiator for the AIO was mounted on the front instead of on the top.
2. The PC case is supposed to come with 3 fans, but it only came with 2.
3. PSU was not installed properly, specifically one of the anti-vibration pads was loose
4. The Motherboard was listed in Ibuypower's customizer as having support for a front USB C port, but it actually didn't.  I had to buy an adaptor to connect the front USB C port on the case.  That's on Ibuypower, not the motherboard itself.

Ultimately, the things I did not like weren't that bad.  The radiator should have been mounted on the top with two case fans on the front and one on the rear.  I had to order a third fan to complete the set.  The PSU anti-vibration pad was an easy fix.  There's no excuse for getting these things wrong, but at least these things aren't dangerous problems.  XMP being already enabled and the somewhat neat cable management helped my opinion.


After the inspection and setup at my desk, I ran some benchmarks.  I wanted to compare the AIO mount location (front vs top).  A disclaimer up front: I am no benchmarking expert!  However, all benchmarks were ran under the same conditions!  After running the benchmarks with the AIO mounted to the front, I moved the AIO to the top, added the third fan at the rear, and reran the benchmarks.  Fan speeds were left at default.
Benchmark AIO Front AIO Top + 3rd Fan
3D Mark Fire Strike 33,725 33,837
3D Mark Fire Strike Extreme 20,423 20,290
3D Mark Fire Strike Ultra 10,964 10,950
3D Mark Port Royal 10,967 10,930
3D Mark Time Spy 16,513 16,462
3D Mark Time Spy Extreme 8,589 8,553
Cinebench R23 Single Core 1,620 1,619
Cinebench R23 Multi Core 21,745 21,736
Superposition 1080p Extreme 10,966 10,895
Superposition 4k Optimized 14,625 14,570
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
1080p Maximum 27,133 27,186
1440p Maximum 24,300 24,305
2160p (4k) Maximum 14,898 14,997
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
1080p Highest Preset 27,831 28,047
1080p +DLSS 27,554 27,390
1080p +Ray Tracing 18,654 18,686
1080p +DLSS & Ray Tracing 19,230 19,439
1440p Highest Preset 23,458 23,549
1440p +DLSS 24,097 24,271
1440p +Ray Tracing 14,420 14,567
1440p +DLSS & Ray Tracing 16,602 16,724
2160p (4k) Highest Preset 13,080 13,560
2160p (4k) +DLSS 16,120 16,432
2160p (4k) +Ray Tracing 7,788 7,950
2160p (4k) +DLSS & Ray Tracing 11,174 11,268
The performance difference between the two setups was so small that it was basically just margin of error, at least in my opinion.  Again: I'm not a benchmarking expert.

Download Benchmark Results (Front)
Download Benchmark Results (Top + 3rd Fan)

In the process of writing this review, I re-ran some of the benchmarks to check thermals.  Benchmarks were ran for 30 minutes to allow components to reach a stable temperature.  FFXIV and Destiny 2 results are from gameplay.
Idle 40c 44c
Cinebench R23 Multi-Core 72c N/A
3D Mark Fire Strike Ultra Stres Test 52c 75c
3D Mark Time Spy Extreme Stress Test 52c 74c
3D Mark Port Royal Stress Test 52c 73c
Final Fantasy XIV 60c 74c
Destiny 2 55c 72c


The PC is powerful and I'm satisfied.  I'm able play and record FFXIV in 4k on the same machine!  No need for a 2 pc setup.  My goal was to a reach stable 60+ framerate in 4k for recording with a 2 pc setup, and this build exceeded my expectations!

A note specifically on the Ibuypower branded AIO CPU cooler: I was not expecting much out of it, but I was pleasently surprised after running the thermal tests (these with the top mounted configuration).  In typical use cases for me, it very rarely exceeded 60c under load and only exceeded 70c under the Cinebench test.  This is with whatever thermal compound that was used in the initial build; I have not replaced it.

All in all, the out of box experience was acceptable.  Based on my experience, would I recommend Ibuypower to others?  Yes, however I must stress that there is a caveat.  Not all prebuilt machines come with the same quality.  I have heard of many prebuilt machines arriving in various states of disrepair, so your mileage may vary.  Maybe I got lucky, maybe this is normal and others have been unlucky.  I can't say for sure, but that's where I stand.  If you go with Ibuypower, make sure to buy the extra packaging!


What about the individual parts, rather than the Ibuypower build?  Well, here are my thoughts and links to the parts in my system.  The GPU and RAM links aren't to a specific item since there's so many variations of those parts.  For GPUs, good luck!  For RAM, I have the 3000mhz kit, but I'd recommend the 3200mhz kit.  As of writing this review, the 3200mhz kit is cheaper and better.

AMD Ryzen 5900x CPU

The 5900x is a 12 core 24 thread monster.  I upgraded from a Ryzen 1700x to this, and the difference is night and day.  You really can't go wrong with a Ryzen 5000 CPU!

MSI x570 Gaming Edge Wifi Motherboard

The x570 Gaming Edge Wifi is a great board.  It supports everything I require without costing an arm and a leg.  It has a multitude of USB ports, sufficient PCIE expansion, support for a Gen 4 M.2 drive, and the built in Wifi and Bluetooth is a nice extra.

Nvidia 3080 Graphics Card

The 3080 is a fantastic card.  It is capable of so much more than I was expecting!  The only downside is availability!  As of writing this review, several months after receiving the PC, availability is STILL terrible and it seems it'll remain terrible for months to come.  This was the driving reason why I went with a custom prebuilt PC in the first place!  The phrase that comes to mind is "GPU in a box".

Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM

Corsair memory does the job.  I've been using Corsair memory for over 10 years and I've never had any issues with it.  As I stated above, I do suggest looking at the 3200mhz kit, rather than the 3000mhz kit!

Western Digital 500GB Blue SN550 M.2 Drive

This drive is excellent for either an OS drive or a gaming drive!  I do recommend having separate drives for those two purposes, but you could still use this drive for both if you can only get one!

be quiet! Pure Base 500DX White Case

I like white cases, and the fact that the 500DX has a white version was one of the selling points for me.  The mesh front panel was another huge selling point for me.  I recommend taking a look at Gamers Nexus's review for very detailed look at this case.