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Gaming Periphrials


Razer Huntsman Elite

Although pricy, this is my first choice of gaming keyboard. I have used Razer products over the years and the Huntsman Elite is easily the best piece of Razer hardware I have owned. The keys feel great. The wrist rest is nice for extended use, and I have really grown to appreciate it over the two years that I have owned this keyboard. I have had no issues with this keyboard in those two years, though I do have a small complaint. When using the hypershift key the lights for most keys are turned off.


Redragon M602 RGB

I first picked up a wired M602 in August 2020, and it was my daily driver until I bought the wireless version in October 2021. I was pleased to find that the wireless mouse felt and moved the same. The mouse is cheap and it has only two buttons on the left side, but for a budget and simplicity: IT WORKS. Before buying this mouse I bounced between a bunch of cheap, subpar mice. The M602, be it wired or wireless, is the only cheap mouse that I have used that I would recommend.

My only complaint is the software. The wired and wireless versions require different versions of the software, so I just have two copies of the software installed. And the software for the mouse that is not plugged in will give you a pop up when you start your computer. That was annoying, but I like the mouse so I can accept that.

Why did I buy the wireless version in the first place? I was tired of having a wire on my mouse. That singular quality of life improvement was what I wanted, and I am quite content with it! It charges with a USB A (PC) to USB C (mouse) cable and can be used while charging. I plug it up before I go to bed then use it all day the next day and it does not die. It is officially rated for 35 hours with RGB on and 70 hours with RGB off. I keep RGB off because I really do not care about the lights when my hand is covering it up all day.


HyperX Cloud II

I have had this USB headset for three years and it has been fantastic. It sounds great! It has 7.1 Surround Sound and a dongle to control both the mic and the ear pieces. There is a toggle for the 7.1 and volume buttons for the mic and ears. The dongle is actually separate from the headset. The headset plugs into the dongle through 3.5mm port and the dongle plugs into the pc through USB. The headset can be used to plug into other things separately from the dongle, though you lose those dongle controls. The mic sounds good and will perform just fine, though if you have another mic and do not want to use the headset mic you can detach it!

The amazon page says it works for various consoles, but does it? Yes, I have used it personally for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

What about the cord? Is it long enough? It is ridiculously long. The USB/dongle portion is 7ft and the headset cable is another 3.5ft! The cable is braided and has survived three years with no fraying, except where pets have chewed on it and even those parts have minimal fraying!

This headset is a trooper and it is been through a lot!